Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Because Wednesday Seems So Far From Sunday

It's Wednesday, the middle of the week, a few days removed from last Sunday yet a few more days until next Sunday

I love Sundays. I love my church, morning worship, gathering with my people. I love how Sundays steady me and readjust my focus for the week ahead. 

But the week moves on, Sunday becomes the past and I find my my focus shifting. Next thing I know, Sunday seems so far away. 

I desperately need reminders of Sundays on my every day, real life Wednesdays. Reminders that give me perspective and keep me grounded in Sunday morning truths. Reminders that bring peace when decisions need to be made. Reminders that bring me back to the Word when I have strayed from it.

When the world changes around me, I need my solid rock Sunday reminders.

I've created a space here for Sunday reminders. I'll post encouragement, prayers and gentle reminders each Wednesday that will bring us back to our Sunday best.


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